Kitchen & Catering Maui

Tamuras Kitchen & Catering Maui

841 Alua Street

Kitchen Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 7am – 3pm
Sunday: 7am – 2pm

Plate Lunches (No Mini Plates)

All Plates Include Rice & Mac Salad

Garlic Chicken
Chicken Katsu
Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Beef
Teriyaki Pork
Hamburger Steak
Ahi Patty
Chicken Cutlet
Pork Cutlet
Breaded Teriyaki

Sandwiches, Burgers & more!

Add Deluxe to any Sandwich

Teriyaki Beef
Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Pork
Ahi Patty
Tuna Melt
Tuna Sandwich
Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Hot Dog
Chili Dog
Loco Moco Burger
Chili Bowl
Chili Plate
French Fries


Fried Rice
Chow Fun
1 – Kalbi, Garlic Chicken
2 – Teriyaki Beef, Ahi Patty
3 – Teriyaki Chicken, Hash Patty
4 – Teriyaki Chicken, Chow Fun
5 – Teriyaki Chicken, Kalbi, and Chow Fun

Tamura’s Fried Noodles

Regular Noodles
Noodles with choice of: Kalbi, Garlic Chicken, or Teriyaki Chicken

Okazuya Menu

Ahi Patty
Corned Beef Hash Patty
Fried Chicken
Shoyu Chicken
Teriyaki Hot Dog
Spam Musubi
Shrimp Tempura 2pcs.
Wing Ding 2 pcs.
Chicken Nishime 16 oz.
Pork Nishime 16 oz.
Chow Fun
Roast Pork
Mushroom Chicken

Prices subject to change without notice 02/2016


Minimum 48 hour notice & payment must be paid upon ordering
Half Pan 10-15 pax/Full Pan 35-40 pax

Catering Pork

Teri Pork
Pork Tonkatsu
Kalua Pig
Kalua Pig & Cabbage
Pork Adobo
Roast Pork
Pork Nishime
Sweet Sour Spare Ribs
Char Siu
Baked Ham
Shoyu Pork

Catering Noodles

Chow Fun
Pork Chow Mein
Chicken Chow Mein
Fried Noodle

Catering Seafood

Ahi Patty
Shrimp Tempura
Garlic Shrimp
Grilled Saba

Catering Chicken

Shoyu Chicken
Garlic Chicken
Baked Chicken
Chinese Roast Chicken
Char Siu Chicken
Chicken Katsu
Wing Dings
Mochiko Chicken
Chicken Nishime
Chicken Adobo
Fried Chicken

Catering Beef

Teri Beef
Breaded Teri Beef
Meat Jun
Beef Stew
Roast Beef

Catering Sides

Steamed Rice
Fried Rice
Mashed Potato
Macaroni Salad
Potato Salad